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OdysseyWare is an online, web-based program available for credit recovery courses. An online curriculum enables students to achieve success, learn at an individualized level and benefit from an instructional experience and pace that meets their unique needs. Students may work on OdysseyWare outside the school setting but tests or quizzes should be taken at school.

For summer 2013 contacts, please use those located at the top of the NCVPS page.

UCPS OdysseyWare Contacts:



Central Academy

Shari Davison

Cuthbertson HS Debbie Morton

Forest Hills HS

Susan Faile

Marvin Ridge HS

Zach Brady

Monroe HS

David Smith

Parkwood HS

Bonnie Chretien

Piedmont HS

May Mulford

Porter Ridge HS

Amanda Housand

South Providence Jill Allen

Sun Valley HS

Doris Ganson

Weddington HS

Koreen Gorham

Early College

Jeslyn McFadden

UCPS OdysseyWare Course Offerings:

This is a partial list of Odysseyware courses.  Other courses are being reviewed and will be added if they align with NCSCOS or another elective offering in the Program of Studies. For core courses, the best method is face to face instruction. Please refer to the Odysseyware guidelines for special conditions for student enrollment.

Core Courses
English I

English II


English III


English IV

Social Studies

World History

20th Century American History

U.S. History (Foundations To Present)

Civil War

U.S. History (Reconstruction To Present)

World Civilizations


Vietnam Era


World Geography


Algebra I



Tech Math II (Integrated Math II)

Algebra II




Advance Functions & Modeling **








Integrated Physics & Chemistry (Phy. Sci)

Earth Science

High School Health


**  Advance Functions and Modeling  is a combination of the entire Trigonometry course and Units 1,2,3,4 and 9  of the Pre Calculus course.

*** Civics is a combination of US History (Foundations to Present) Units 1 and 2, Government Units 3, 4, and 5 and Economics Units 1, 3, and 4.


See your guidance counselor to find out if an OdysseyWare course is right for you!

Guidance counselors and lab facilators can request an OdysseyWare course for a student using this link: goo.gl/NxxMy -- the counselor or faciliator must be logged into UCPS Google Docs to access and submit this form.

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